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photo Snoopy Productions AlbertoVdM 2012 Gold C



Story by Alberto Van der Mye Photography by Snoopy Productions







Even the best polo player in the history of our sport  10 goaler Adolfo Cambiaso could not overcome the rain that has caused havoc with the 2012 English polo season loosing to an inspired El Remanso polo team 7-5 yesterday under a deluge of water at Ambersham number 1 ground at Cowdray Park Polo Club in Midhurst, West Sussex.  Great credit goes to all English polo club officials particularly Cowdray Park Polo Club for the orderly conduct of the 2012 polo season under constant "unsettle weather" as they say in England but in plain New York English it has been pissing with rain for 100 days in the British isles.




In the other semi final Adrian Kirby's Cortium defeated a very talented Sumaya team by the minimal difference.  I t was a day of upsets as most high goal experts agree that the Master Cambiaso would have gone through to the finals on a dry ground of course conditions equal to all but every time Adolfo was on the ball with his mesmerizing talent he simply could not complete the play as the ball simply fell asleep on the polo ground in the horrific weather conditions which particularly affected the second game of the day yesterday .  Sumaya young team of super stars Facundo Sola, Ambroggio and Javier Novillo seemed to have the edge on Cortium throughout the match but in the the last two chukkas the brilliant forwards of Elizalde (who is stealing handicap at 6 goals) and Polito Pieres broke the game open ably supported by the pivot man Chilean Jaime Garcia Huidoro and last but not the least the Patron Adrian Kirby played above his rating in an inspired performance.  




The feeling among experts of the high goal community is that the match between El Remanso and Dubai yesterday was the final odds are for El Remanso to lift the venerable Cowdray Park Gold Cup on Sunday afternoon but I am not ready to discount the lighting fast Elizalde of Cortium at number 1 and playmaker Polito Pieres behind there may well be yet again the name Pieres engraved in the cup this Sunday. 




Paradoxically none of the five 10 Goal players are in the finals and only two made it to the quarter finals it has been the season of the well balanced teams with talented patrons playing above their ratings instead of the super star 10 goalers .  Of course the bad weather is a great equalizer of polo talent.  It is a fair tribute to the excellent organization , fairplay and tradition of British Polo that the richest polo patrons on the planet come year in year out to the most expensive country in Europe with the world's worst weather to play the game of kings!!